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To open an account, please provide your full name, CPF [Brazilian Individual Taxpayer Identification Number], email address, country of residence and choose a setting.


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Exchange Remittances in Dollar, Euro and other currencies, Balance and Statement Requests, Invoice Payments, Real Estate and much more!

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BRL 299.90/month


  • Account opening
  • Registration update
  • DOC/TED [wire transfers/e-checks]
  • Transactions over BRL 100,000.00
  • Remittance of currency (U.S. dollar)
  • Remittance of currency (other currencies)
  • Receipt of currency
  • Prepaid card


BRL 29.90/month

Additional Fees

  • Account opening
    BRL 150.00
  • Registration update
    BRL 150.00/year
  • DOC/TED [wire transfers/e-checks]
    BRL 20.00/Operation
  • Transactions over BRL 100,000.00
    BRL 100.00/Operation
  • Remittance of currency (U.S. dollar)
    USD 20.00
  • Remittance of currency (other currencies)
    USD 20.00
  • Receipt of currency
    USD 10.00

Open your Account

Frequently Asked Questions

1 – What documents are required to open my account?

Required documents include:

  • A copy of your ID, Driver’s License or Passport;
  • Proof of Address (not older than 3 months). Proof of address must have been issued in your current country of residence;
  • Notice or statement of departure;
  • NIF number (tax identification number).
  • Income tax return in the current country of residence, last three paystubs, or other documents proving income declared (optional);
2 – What is the difference between a Declaração de Saída Definitiva e Comunicação de Saída Definitiva (in case you have been a tax payer in Brazil)?

A Statement of Departure needs to be issued by any person who intends to stay abroad for more than 12 months. That statement may be issued by the last day of February of the year after one’s departure. On the other hand, a Notice of departure (in portuguese “Declaração de Saída Definitiva – DSD”) is a kind of income tax return that applies to the last few months one resided in Brazil. This tax form must be filed between the first working day of March and the last working day of April of the year after one’s departure.

3 – What is NIF?

NIF is the tax identification number of your current country of residence, equivalent of CPF [Individual Taxpayer Identification Number] in Brazil.

4 – What documents are accepted as proof of residence?

Utility bills not older than 3 months are accepted, such as water, electricity, gas, internet, among others.

5 – What documents are accepted as proof of income?

Foreign income tax return, last three paystubs, documents of the companies of which the client is a partner in Brazil (articles of incorporation, balance sheet and profit distribution minutes).

6 – Can I receive funds from my account abroad?

Yes, you will be granted access to our Exchange Portal to be able to send money to and receive money from abroad. Such forex operations are subject to documentary analysis.

7 – Who is considered non-resident in Brazil?

Brazilians who have filed their Declaração de Saída Definitiva e Comunicação de Saída Definitiva (in case you have been a tax payer in Brazil) or who have lived abroad for over a year uninterruptedly are considered non-residents in Brazil. Foreigners who have never had tax residence in Brazil but are able to prove their status as tax residents abroad.

8 – I filled out the website form, what should I do now?

After filling out the form on Banco Rendimento’s website, you will receive an email with a link to proceed with the opening of your checking account. After completing the application form and sending us your documents digitally, we will answer you in up to 48 hours either to let you know that your account has been approved or to solve pending matters. The entire process is entirely digital, please do not send us any original documents.

9 – Is there a transaction limit?

There is no transaction limit. However, whether a transaction is over BRL 100.000 (per operation) or comes from a company that the client is a shareholder, the Brazilian requires documents that proves the nature of that transaction and the origin of the funds.

10 – Can I make TEDs [e-checks] to other Banco Rendimento accounts? How much is the fee?

Yes, you can send and receive TEDs to and from other Banco Rendimento accounts as long as they are active. Fees are charged according to the setting plan you choose when you open your account. See the setting plan chart on our website or contact our experts for more information.

11 – Can I invest in Brazil despite the fact that I live abroad?

Yes, you may invest in Banco Rendimento CD (Certificate of deposit) if you live abroad. Open a Non-Resident checking account to perform financial investments and withdrawals in Brazil. Investments can be made directly by Internet Banking.

12 – Can I pay my gas, water and other bills?

Internet Banking allows you to pay bills in general using their barcode (water, electricity, mobile phone, Internet connection, cable tv, gas, bank slips, among others).

13 – Does the bank issue any international debit cards?

Currently, only the Premium plan includes an international prepaid card.*
* Subject to card brand fees

14 – What three setting plans are currently available?

Three setting plans are currently available: Premium, Smart, Basic. You’ll find a full breakdown of each plan on this page, in “Our Settings” section.

15 – Can I open a non-resident joint account at Banco Rendimento?

No. Banco Rendimento’s non-resident checking account is individual and you may not include any other holders.