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The Ombudsman’s Office at Grupo Rendimento has the mission of acting with transparency, independence and in an impartial and unbiased manner, with the purpose of giving due attention to complaints about our services and products. It is intended to serve customers who have already contacted the “Contact Us or Customer Service Center” channels and were not satisfied with the solutions presented.

By expressing your situation, you will be helping us to improve the standard of services provided by Grupo Rendimento, as well as the quality and effectiveness of our customer service.

Grupo Rendimento Ombudsman’s Office is available Monday through Friday, from 9am to 6pm (business days).

The Ombudsman’s Office at Grupo Rendimento conducts the following activities:

  1.  It receives information from citizens regarding the services provided by Grupo Rendimento;
    2. It sends this information to the areas responsible for the subject at Grupo Rendimento;
    3. It monitors the actions and asks for solutions;
    4. It sends a response in the shortest time possible with clarity and objectivity;
    5. It suggests/recommends changes in internal procedures and adjustments of standards and services;

We have a period set by the Central Bank of up to 15 days to submit a response, however, our efforts are directed so that your demand is answered within five business days, counted from the business day following the date the message was sent. In case of need for a longer analysis period, you will be informed of the actions taken, until the case is settled definitively.

Ombudsman Activity Reports

  2017 – 2º Semestre
  2017 – 1º Semestre
  2016 – 2º Semestre
  2016 – 1º Semestre
  2015 – 2º Semestre

Attention: For faster service, please inform your name, CPF (SSN), phone number and email for contact.

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