Currency Exchange

Banco Rendimento has over 25 years of experience and the credibility of one of the most active banks in the Brazilian currency exchange market, offering several solutions for operations in foreign currency.

You don't need to open a bank account

To perform currency exchange operations with our team of experts, you don't need to have a bank account with Banco Rendimento.

International Transfers

Your company can transfer funds from Brazil to other countries and receive money in Brazil from other parts of the world through Payment Orders. The following items are some purposes of this operation:
• Companies that import or export merchandise, goods or services;
• Remittances of funds from individuals or companies to bank accounts abroad;
• Transfer of assets for individuals and/or legal entities;
• Payments for registrations, fairs, courses and lodging;
• Supporting individuals in other countries;
• Foreign investments;
• Donations to foreign institutions.

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Currency Exchange Portal

All currency exchange operations for your company can be done online, through the Currency Exchange Portal, tailored to provide agility for your business. In the Portal, you can, for example, quote and close currency exchange transactions, make payments and receive payment orders from abroad, as well as access your bank account in foreign currency.

Access The Currency Exchange Portal

Foreign Currency Account (CCME)

Foreign Currency Accounts (CCME - Conta Corrente em Moeda Estrangeira) were developed to facilitate currency exchange operations for travel agencies and operators, reinsurers, embassies and international organizations. Using this account category, it is possible to send and receive payments from abroad without being subject to variations on exchange rates.

If you would like to contract these services, please fill out the form or call (11) 3629-7080.

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