APIs for Developers

Connect your company to Banco Rendimento's APIs and enhance your customers' experience with solutions such as queries, payments, transfers, and more.


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Opening bank accounts

Opening bank accounts for your company and customers quickly and safely. Enable transactions on your platform without having to access another channel for bank transactions.

Payments and Transfers

Make payments of utility bills and several taxes as well as automate payroll and transfers.

Balance Request

Plug your account statement to most used channel.


Total control over your investments at any time and place.

International Remittance and Currency Exchange Transactions

Online exchange rate quotes, sending remittances abroad and opening international bank accounts.

Boleto Collection and Management

Issue and manage boletos for suppliers or clients.


Verification and authorization of personal credit for you and your customers, integrated with your online platform.

Prepaid Cards

Issue and manage reloadable prepaid cards for your employees and customers.
Indicated for business expenses, bonuses and travel expenses.

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