Banco Rendimento offers the best conditions and helps your company to conduct projects using the financing products and programs managed by BNDES.

BNDES Finame

Long-term financing for production and trading of new machinery, equipment, trucks, buses and (road and agricultural) tractors manufactured in Brazil. You can finance up to 80% of the value of the goods, with very attractive rates.

BNDES Automatic

Financing for investment projects, supporting projects aimed at the implementation, expansion, modernization, relocation, technological education, training, tuition and professional education for companies of several economic industries and sizes. With limited amount per company of up to R$ 20 million/year.

BNDES GIRO - Working Capital Resources

This program aims to increase production, employment and salaries, by financial support in the form of pure working capital for companies in several industries and from all sizes. The financing amounts are limited to R$ 70 million per company.

BNDES Exim Pre-Shipment - Export Support

Financing for production of Brazilian goods and services for export and sale of these items abroad. Aimed at exporting companies, of any size, constituted under Brazilian laws, headquartered and managed in the country.

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