Banco Rendimento is at your side to find the ideal solution that guarantees fulfilling your obligations and brings acceptable results based on your financial strategy.

Bid Bond

Guarantees to the bidder that the company with the winning bid will sign the implementation agreement maintaining the proposed price.

Performance Bond

Guarantees full execution of the agreement, its performance, whether to build, manufacture, supply or provide services.

Advance Payment Bond

Guarantees advance payments granted in the agreement for the purchase of materials, installation, maintenance etc.

Retention Bond

Guarantees payment withholdings that the contractor would require in addition to the guarantee established in the agreement.

Maintenance Bond

Guarantees compensation for damages resulting from inadequate quality or specifications set forth in the agreement.

Public Concession Bond

Aimed especially at road concessions (e.g. AutoBan, Rodonorte, NovaDutra, etc.) and municipal sanitation.

Financial Bond

Aims to guarantee the payment of financing obtained from banking institutions, Finep, BNDES, to implement projects and/or obtain resources.

Rental Bond

Aims to guarantee the obligations undertaken in property lease agreements.

Bond for Margin Deposit or Settlement Fund with BM&F BOVESPA

Brazilian Stock, Mercantile & Futures Exchange.

Bond for Adherence to Promotional Campaign

Aims to guarantee to the SEFEL (Secretary of Fiscal, Energy and Lottery Tracking), the successor of SEAE (Secretariat of Economic Environment), the execution of a promotional campaign and delivery of prizes by the (secured) trustee.

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In the Guarantee category, Banco Rendimento operates to complement a main obligation with the purpose of guaranteeing customers can fulfill the commitments undertaken with third parties.

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