We provide our customers with all short and long-term loan products that a commercial bank can offer.

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Working Capital

Ideal for companies that need resources to compose their cash flow. The contracted amount is released through bank account credit and the transaction can be carried out with a single due date or in installments.

Guaranteed Account

Ideal for companies that need a short and medium-term credit limit for potential cash flow needs. The revolving credit limit is available in a separate account from the checking account.

Accounts Receivable Securitization

Ideal for companies that need to anticipate receivables, assigning the right to receive debt securities such as trade bills, checks and promissory notes from third parties through the discount rate charged when closing the transaction.

Credit Acquisition

Credit solution for financial institutions that transfer their receivables (trade bills and checks) to the bank, with joint obligation or without joint obligation.


Ideal for companies that need a credit limit to give more time to their customers for paying purchases and have immediate access to the transaction amount by using resources provided by the bank.


Ideal for companies that need to finance payment of suppliers, in which the amount is paid in cash directly to the supplier and the company takes on a loan with longer term for settlement.

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Banco Rendimento's loan products meet the medium and long-term demands of Middle-Market companies, with minimum annual revenues of R$ 240 million. Identify the solution that best suits your needs and contact us.

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