Rendimento Visa TravelMoney Corporate

Ideal solution for companies that need full control when managing the corporate expenses of their employees abroad.

About the solution

Banco Rendimento offers companies a solution that will facilitate managing corporate resources provided to employees while traveling:
Rendimento Visa TravelMoney Corporate travel cards.

Available in US Dollars and Euro, these prepaid cards issued by Agillitas, are reloadable and have an online management system developed to make card management easier, thus, ensuring significant savings on time required for this process, as well as agility to create travel expense reports.

Rendimento Visa TravelMoney Corporate card is the ideal solution for companies that need to manage their employees' expenses related to international trips and/or corporate events.

Advantages and Benefits provided by Card and Management System

Convenient for the company and employees.


Exclusive system that enables lending funds to cards, issuing management reports, online query of card holder expenses, among other advantages.

Reduced rates

Your company reduces rates according to the load volume performed through the system.

Advantages for employees

Accepted by a broad number of establishments, purchases and withdrawals are always made in local currency and the employee also has a 24x7 customer service center and the Banco Rendimento App.

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Meet Agillitas - a Grupo Rendimento Company

Operating for over 15 years, Agillitas is specialized in innovative payment solutions. From corporate expense management to gift cards, the company offers prepaid cards that suit your business needs. Pioneer in several market products and services, such as Visa TravelMoney, Management system of prepaid card expenses for legal entities, and Gift Card, among others. Agillitas has issued more than 3 million prepaid cards, with partnerships in several industries.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Agillitas Corporate Card Management System

What is the card management system?

The card management system allows the company’s financial area to have full control over card usage by employees, enabling a more convenient, fast and safe process for the company.

Its key competitive advantage is the possibility of moving the balance between cards linked to the company.

What are the features of the card management system?

The system was developed according to the needs of companies that have corporate payment cards. The system enables companies to:

  • Activate Cards (as long as the company has cards available);
  • Load and unload card balance (transfer balance between cards);
  • Block and unblock cards;
  • Check balances and statements online;
  • Manage users for system access;
  • Issue reports.
What are the benefits for the company?

Some company benefits:

  • Full autonomy through a practical online management tool;
  • Convenient expense control;
  • Convenient expense reporting.
Does the company need to open a bank account at Banco Rendimento to gain access to the product?

There is no need to open a bank account, just complete the registration process.

Is there a minimum or maximum value to load the card?

There is no minimum limit to load the card, however, the maximum balance limit is 20 thousand reais.

Are fees charged for using the card management system?

See all applicable fees in the bank fees section, by clicking here.

Frequently asked questions about card usage

How to make purchases and withdrawals?

Accepted for purchases in millions of Visa merchants worldwide and for withdrawals in thousands of ATMs linked to the Plus network. The transaction is similar to the one performed with your credit/debit card.

Is there a minimum and maximum limit for purchases or withdrawals?

There is no limit for purchases or payments of expenses. For withdrawals, please check the maximum amount allowed by each ATM, which may vary according to the location and service hours.

Are there fees charged to make purchases or withdrawals?

See all applicable fees in the Bank Fees section.

Where can I check the ATM locations?

Go to and check out to the ATM (Caixas Eletrônicos) section.

Is the 4-digit password requested every time I use my card?

Yes. For all purchases and withdrawals, the password will be requested.

I entered the wrong card password 3 times. What should I do?

Your card will be blocked for 24 hours. After this period, the card will be automatically released

Can I use my card abroad?

As it is a national card, it can be used only in Brazil.

I do not recognize the transaction in my statement. What should I do?

Make sure that the amount was not actually used through purchase and withdrawal receipts. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Center.

Can I pre-book hotel rooms and car rentals?

The card can be used for payments and pre-booking of hotel rooms or car rentals, but the balance will be blocked in the pre-booking or payment amount plus a 15% security rate on this amount for a period of 15 days, until the merchant confirms the transaction. The merchant is solely responsible for this transaction, as well as for its cancellation, if applicable, as only the merchant can enter debit transactions on the card.

In cases of loss, robbery or theft, how should I proceed?

In case of loss, robbery or theft of the card, immediately request blocking the card, using the Call Center or website. You can also order a new card if it is not possible to pick up a new card at your company at the time. Remember to keep your password separate from the card to prevent misuse (read the Terms and Conditions of Use received with the card or on this site).