Connect Pay

E-commerce sites around the world connect their products and services to the wishes of Brazilian consumers with the Connect Pay payment solution.

Guaranteed Exchange Rate

Automated bank account opening and completion of currency exchange transactions.

Consumer Focus

Your customer selects the payment method: payment slip (boleto), credit card or debit card.


The transaction is completed in dollars and conversion happens at the time of remittance in up to seven different currencies, providing an extremely cost-effective solution.

Hub Connect Pay

It is the financial service that your company can count on to centralize receipt of your sales and transfer these funds abroad safely. Your management process becomes more efficient by centralizing transactions into a single account without the need to integrate systems.

Rendimento Group

Connect Pay is a Banco Rendimento product. Thus, in addition to a modern and efficient solution for your e-commerce, you can count on the expertise of an institution with over 25 years of experience and one of the most active groups in the Brazilian currency exchange market.

Payment Slip (Boleto)

Connect Pay is the only solution in the Brazilian market that allows payments with a payment slip in dollars, guaranteeing protection against the risk of exchange rate fluctuation.

Efficiency and Reliability

Connect Pay goes beyond a currency conversion service for sellers to make your operation more efficient and reliable.

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