How to send and receive international transfers living abroad?

How to send and receive international transfers living abroad?

There are dabblers and experts in every area of life. It’s no different with foreign exchange for international transactions. Banco Rendimento is an expert in this area and offers the best opportunities, exclusive service and delivers results in a more agile way. Need to send or receive money from abroad? Rely on the safety, speed and quality Banco Rendimento has been offering since 1992. Rely on Banco Rendimento.

And there’s more! Did you know that Banco Rendimento puts an exclusive Exchange Portal at the disposal of its customers?

That’s right! In addition to offering safety ensured by a team of experts, we also provide a unique Exchange Portal that allows you to send and receive funds from abroad on you own!

Do we have your attention now? Follow the steps below to perform foreign exchange operations even if you live abroad!

Step 1. Open your Non-Resident Checking Account (within up to 48 hours – Brasilia Standard Time/GMT-3):

  • To open your account at Banco Rendimento, please fill out the form below! As you click on the “Send” button, we will send you an invitation by e-mail to proceed with the opening of your account. Access the link you received by e-mail, fill out the registration form step by step and sign your application to open your account fully online!

Step 2. Choose the type of exchange operations you need to perform:

  • There are two different options:
    • Option A. Up to BRL 100.000,00: the first one hundred thousand reais may be transferred via our Exchange Portal without any documentation!
    • Option B. Exceeding BRL 100.000,00: Please use our exclusive service channels for that kind of operation. Send an e-mail to:

Step 3. Documentation analysis (up to 24 hours – Brasilia Standard Time/GMT-3):

  • If you choose Option B, our team of experts requires a proof of sources of funds (PoSoF) to be able to rate the type of exchange operation.

Step 4. Operation approval:

  • After your proof of sources of funds (PoSoF) has been approved, our team forwards your request to our Desk, which will ask you to sign a contract digitally. Ready! Process completed, your transaction will be performed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What do transaction costs comprise?
  • The exchange rate is based on the commercial exchange rate at the time you quote your transaction (plus IOF [tax on financial operations], depending on the exchange operation type).
  1. What are the different foreign exchange fees?

– Three different fee plans are available:

  1. Premium (BRL 500.00/month): send and receive an unlimited number of transfers at no additional costs.
  2. Smart (BRL 350.00/month): additional cost of USD 10.00 per operation.
  1. Basic (BRL 95.00/month): additional charge of USD 30.00 per USD transfer, USD 40.00 per transfer in other currencies and USD 20.00 per receipt of currency.
  1. Can I make foreign exchange operations if I have an account at a different bank?

Of course! In such a case, please register at the area in charge (via e-mail: Our experts will provide you with all the required support to complete your transaction.